About LOPD

LOPD Loes Opgenhaffen's Progressive Dimension is a company directed by Loes Opgenhaffen. LOPD collaborates with Panoptes Heritage BV, ArchXperts, Builder 3D printers and the 4D Research Lab of the University of Amsterdam. In this way LOPD is able to provide all visual solutions for archaeology and heritage.

Drawing and archaeology are the passions of Loes Opgenhaffen since she was a child. Already at her 15th the artist Erik Tierolf noticed her talent for the arts and enrolled her in his studio. At her 17th, still at school, she was admitted at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy of Fine Arts. She switched then to the Academy of Fine Arts of the HKA, but still she felt she missed something: archaeology. In 2002 Loes started with the study Archaeology and Prehistory at the University of Amsterdam, with the aim of ultimately merging her two passions: Illustration and archaeology. After receiving her research master's degree in 2010 she could finally realize this: LOPD was a fact.

During her study archaeology prof. dr. Marijke Gnade and dr. Patricia Lulof recognized the skills of Loes. Marijke Gnade took her in 2005 to the excavation of ancient Satricum, modern Le Ferriere (Italy) as a student. At Satricum Loes received training in Adobe Illustrator which formed the basis of her then unfolding carreer in digital archaeological illustration. After a year she was appointed as excavation draftsman, which she still is today, aside all the other illustration- and design related work at Satricum. Patricia noticed the reconstructive nature of Loes and taught her everything about the reconstruction of terracottas and architecture. In 2011 Patricia invited Loes to assist her in the establishment of the 4D Researchlab, which was realized by the end of 2012. At the 4D Research Lab Loes extended her illustration skills to the 3rd dimension and did a lot of research to the use of 3D modelling as an embedded research tool.